Premium bubble tea brand
with more than 50 locations in Ontario,
and 4000 stores around the world

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice is founded in 1997 by our Chairman Tommy Hung. Through 22 years of development, CoCo has became the global leading brand in the bubble tea industry.

Through high standard of quality, consistency, and service, we have established more than 4000 stores around the world. We provide creative tea drink including: fresh tea, milk tea, fruit tea, yogurt drink, coffee and other beverage products, to drink lovers around the world

As our franchisees seeks to provide drinks that give people sparks of happiness and warmth, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice support our partners and franchisees worldwide with our professional training programs, well-designed evaluation system, innovative products, and the assistance of our highly experienced management team.

CoCo continuously dedicate ourselves in innovating and progressing to build a sustainable and profitable business system. Up till today, we never cease to develop new product lines, upgrade the customer experience, and broaden the accessibility to our brand, thus penetrating into the worldwide markets, and becoming the global leading brand.

From Taiwan to Toronto, and the World

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