Notice of transferring FiveStars points to CoCo App

In order to provide better service to all our CoCo customers and improve your experience, starting from March 1, 2021, CoCoTeaOntario will officially launch the CoCo App points collecting system and prepare the conversion of the Fivestars (vicinity) points system at the same time.

The conversion period will start from March 1 to May 31. We are happy to assist you to transfer your collected points to our CoCo App points system at any CoCoTeaOntario location as the following:


For regular customers:


A. March 1: Start using CoCoTea Points System

From March 1 onward, if you haven’t registered on CoCo App, you can download and register on the App to collect the points, or visit any of our CoCoTeaOntario locations and register in the store by providing your phone number.

If you are already a CoCo App user, you can collect points through your phone number. Every 10 points you collected can redeem 1 drink on CoCo App or in-store purchase.


B. March 1 – April 30: Transfer your points from FiveStars System

Starting from March 1, redeem the Fivestars (Vicinity) points for free CoCo drinks. Un-redeemed points will be transferred to CoCo App automatically by April 30.


C. April 30 – May 1: Auto points transfer

All points will be automatically transferred to the CoCo App system on April 30. Fivestars (Vicinity) points system will be permanently unavailable to collect or redeem points starting from May 1.


D. May 1 – May 31: Confirm your points are successfully transferred

Customers can check on CoCo App if all the points are successfully transferred from Fivestars (Vicinity) system. If there is any issue you encounter during the process, please contact staff at any of our CoCoTeaOntario locations to help you with the process.


E. June 1: All points transfer process will be stopped

The conversion period will end on June 1. We will not be able to help with any unsuccessfully transferred points issues.



CoCo VIP customers:

(If you need to keep your VIP, please visit the store by April 30 to transfer the points to the CoCo App point system)


A. Customers with VIP cards from March 1 to April 30.

From March 1, Fivestars VIP cardholders must bring their VIP cards into the store and register with our staff. We will verify within 5 working days and help you manually convert to the CoCo points system and open the VIP customer discount function on the CoCo App. VIP customers on the CoCo points system can enjoy a $0.50 discount on both in-store and CoCo App purchases. After the effective date of conversion, the original COCO VIP card will be invalid automatically.


B. March .1 to April 30 I have accumulated 100 Fivestars points

Customers who do not have a VIP card but have collected more than 100 unused points in the Fivestars (Vicinity) points system can register in-store before April 30 if they want to become a VIP customer of the CoCo points system (100 points will be deducted after becoming a CoCo App VIP customer). After successful registration, you can enjoy a $0.50 discount for in-store and CoCo App purchases; if you want to keep 100+ points and not convert to VIP of CoCo points system, please refer to the normal points conversion process.


C. Other Statements

May 1-May 31 is the final confirmation period for VIP guest status and discount function. If existing VIP cardholders do not contact any COCO ONTARIO customer service or store staff to apply for status conversion operation before June 1, they will be deemed to have automatically abandoned their VIP status after June.1.

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